1.flatness on the facial front, Flattened face do to an extreme blow by a pan,; 2.Racist remark used to discribe one of a chinesse decent.
1. All the kids at school called him panface after he got smacked in the face with a pan. 2. Where's my eggroll you stupid panface.
by Jason Adams November 28, 2003
Top Definition
vietnamise (other asian) they look like they been hit in face with a pan flatten their face
by Glenn Scqr October 10, 2003
An ugly female that has a flat face. If she runs into a wall, her face will align with wall.
Yo, that bitch has a pan face !
by Stacey York November 05, 2011
A person with with very little profile
Chris was called panface because he had no pronounced profile.
by Bert Dag July 24, 2003
to have a hollow flat face . Usually the person is ugly and has saggy skin on facial areas.
you have a Pan face

you could sizzle some bacon on that Pan face
by cazza boi May 24, 2008
The rude and obtrusive way a human face does appear to have been smashed with a heavy iron fry pan with over 400KN of force
"Did you hear Pete Batch put one through panface over the weekend"
by Anonymous April 23, 2003
When a baby is ignored as a child and left on his stomach for such a long time and developed a pan face
"Man, my coworker looks like he was ignored.he has a pan face when he turns to left. he is one with the wall.
by Chavela September 18, 2006
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