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A state entered after smoking too much marijuana when one looses his or her fine motor skills and may loose the ability to speak or correctly light a bowl. A common symptom of palsy is blowing into the bowl, an offense punishable by up to 5 skips. Derived from cerebral palsy, the condition that "the special kid" in your elementary school had. You know, the one in the wheel chair that drooled.
After 10 bowls of chron we were all to palsy to pack another one, so we just kinda sat there for an hour or so, occasionally going into extreme fits of tandem laughter.
by Tweaked in B-Town November 13, 2005
portmanteau of "measly" and "paltry", scanty, less than adequate.
That buffet is pretty palsy.
by culurienne August 08, 2012
Any light sickness, for example a cold.
"I got a bit of the palsy."
by Pat March 29, 2005
n: uncontrollable twitching, usually due to drug overdose.
"Yo, someone get D-rod under control, he's got the palsy!"
by Jes F October 16, 2003
A sexual act in which just before sexual climax, one partner zaps the other partner with a taser, and then finishes. Best not performed during oral.
"Last night I gave Ashley the palsy. It was awesome!!!"
by kraker July 26, 2008
n. a type of hideous retardation causing children at school to look like dinosaurs; a terrible abomination
v. to thrash violently and uncontrollably
(note: not associated with cerebral palsy)
(n.) Her palsy is so bad she looks inhuman
(v.) She palsied until she was removed from the stage.
by tweak April 09, 2003
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