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The word paloma means beautiful in every sense. It also means to have great hair and eyes.
Man that girl sure is paloma..I know she is pretty!
by henry 2434 December 30, 2005
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almost always directly related to exponential amounts of beauty. to say one is a paloma is to say she is more gorgeous than all others.
I can't get her out of my head she is such a paloma!
by jasdigie June 16, 2008
An amazing friend with and awesome sence of humor.
Dude! Palomais so funny!
by emcx3 January 05, 2010
The prettyest girl ever. She'll make the best girlfriend. You'll never be bored. She has great hair, eyes, and body. But if you get on her bad side she is not the girl you wanna mess with. She's very special and important.A pretty girl is someome who is fun, nice, charming, funny, cool and chilled. It's not always the looks that count. But everyone wants a bit of good lookin in their man or chick. If it is looks then pretty would be a gal with a nice and big smile with nice white teeth, nice big blue or green eyes, full and alluring lips and long pretty hair. With a nice bod. Oh and ofcourse a nise ***.. nise boobs and hot legs...haha!!!
Daayyymmmm! look at paloma.
by LindsayLuv July 17, 2011
A very humble person,a nice sweet person, a person that smiles so much and doesn't care if the world ends but is still smiling a person that will be there for you through thick and thin.
Sheesh she is a Paloma with a big smile
by sexypimple123 November 21, 2011
the girl you never notice, until one day you look up and you do. She is absolutely beautiful in a really unique way. She is very self-concious, and a bit self-deprecating. Paloma loves to read and is a great singer, and is often stuck in her own head. She sees the world differently than other people. She is not popular, and is quiet and sweet, but can be tough as nails when she needs to be. She sticks up for herself and the people she loves, and is very brave. She can be the best friend a person can have, respecting your space, but being there when you need her. She loves to laugh and has a smile that could light up the planet. She is sometimes fun and quirky, but serious when needed. She is again, gorgeous, but will never believe you if you tell her that. She is very stubborn, and despite her quiet demeanor, loves to voice her opinions. Not many people know how lovely she is.
Hey, you know Paloma, that quiet girl with the beautiful smile? You should be friends with her. She is the most amazing person I know. And really pretty, too.
by imamonsta March 16, 2014
To steer a meaningful conversation into an unfruitful one
A:"Oh there's a belief that people are linked by treads of fate?"

B:"I feel weird, I need to go to pee"

A: I just got Paloma'd
by Dovesfriend May 12, 2012

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