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1)A city in California very close to Palm Springs with many fancy houses and absolutley NOTHING to do besides to go the river which has become obnoxious.

2) A highschool (PDHS) where there is always some "shit" going down, where everyone is obsessed with sports, and the staff and most students wish to burn down La Quinta High, our rivals, while we're extremley proud to be called the Aztecs. Once we were supposed to be called the Sun Devils, christian parents found that this was satanic, so they decided to choose the most violent Indian possible. Go Aztecs.

In conclusion, Palm Desert and it's highschool are two horrible things and should be avoided at all costs.
Never come here.
I can't come up with an example for Palm Desert. Sorry kids.
by Katie_______ May 09, 2006
1.) A city in California very close to Palm Springs with many fancy houses and things to do.
2.) A highschool (PDHS) where gorgeous girls call themselves fat, then throw up. (see Palm Desert High School)
1.) "I'm rich and I live in Palm Desert."

2.) "OMGGGZZZZZ I'm soooo fat! Ewww everyone at Palm Desert hates me! Ewwww!!!"
by Miss Disaster November 02, 2005
Palm Desert is a wonderful place to vacation. It is very very sunny all the time and very relaxing. There are palm trees and flowers everywhere you look. Pools and golf courses are dying to be used and there is great shopping. The river which is a really fun and popular place to go, it's always crowded at night with a movie theater, families, and friends. There is Westfield with all the shopping and brand names you can imagine. There is also something equivalent to Rodeo Drive in LA. However, if you're looking to party hard this is not your place to be but you will still have a fantastic time.
Hey! Where are you going for spring break?
I'm going to Palm Desert to get my tan on!
by Krvballgirl17 March 30, 2011
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