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Social ranking applied to a freind, or oneself, facetiously assuming self-worth similar to palace residents. Typically refers to people who falsely assume they have greater worth than is realistic (especially prevalent in the modern day game of golf).
Pete sure is pallas.
by WoodChuckVA March 11, 2008
Amazing at sports, pretty, funny but tends to fall for older guys, she can be very crazy, she loves taco bell and lastly she will do anything for a friend, even watch scary movies when she absolutly hates them
Pallas is an all around cool chick! (:
by TJ23452345 January 07, 2012
A swedish word that you use when you dont want to do a fuck or when you getting ganked or getting a op item in wow.

To be finicky, palla does as a matter of fact mean that you do have the energy to implement the task you're up to, but as lazy as the swedish peaple are they dont say the whole sentence, they just shorten it down to "Palla" instead of "Jag palla inte(I don't palla)"
Dude: PALLA!
2ndude: what?!
Dude: I just getting ganked over and over again...
2ndude: PALLA!
Dude: PALLA indead!
by Herman Heding June 22, 2008
1. One who is a virgin.

2. Athena's alter ego

3. The dinosaur replacing Barney.
1. Stop touching me; I wish to remain a pallas.

2. Palllas Athena spoke to dawn as she examined her red rose fingertips.

3. Pallas thinks guys suck! Yay! (Maybe.)
by פלס January 11, 2011
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