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A person describing themselves as "feminist" who fundamentally believe that women are essentially the victims of millennia of male domination and so should be given the benefit of the doubt in any conflict that a particular woman might have with a particular man; reverse sexist; paleo-anti-feminist
Sue: OMG, she left her husband who adored her, she deserted three children and she took off for Paris with that artist guy with the enigmatic smile. What a selfish, irresponsible loser!

Taylor: Marriage is a trap for women. She was trapped in a marriage by a husband who smothered her. She loved her children, but they sapped all of her sense of self of of her. I applaud her choice.

Sue: Oh, Taylor ... I forgot how much of a paleofeminist you are. You think that all women are children.
by GlindaTheGood January 18, 2008
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