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Internet persona of a caucasion male who lives in Nashville, Tennessee charecterized by an overgorwn pre-frontal lobe, huge protruding phallus buldging from his pants, fair skin and an intelligence quotient rarely equalled in this particular multiverse.
1. Khan was severly owned by PaleRider for the 69,000th time in Channel Zero on Canibus Central.
2. I, Jessica Alba just had my pussy completely reamed out to the max by PaleRider's huge, overgrown fleshy meat monster. I just could not quit cumming even several hours after he had exited my pooh-nanny!
by Jessica Alba March 17, 2005
A man of color (Black, Latino, etc.) who only dates or has sex with white women.
Tiger Woods has never been seen with a Black love interest, he is a stereotypical pale rider.
by pink lady c January 26, 2013
A Black Man, or a Non-White Minority male, who exclusively dates or has sex with white women.
Tiger Woods is a mixed race male, who had never been seen with a black love interest he is a stereotypical Pale Rider.
by Pink Lady C January 26, 2013