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Spanish for word.
Palabra a tu madre. (English: Word to your mother)
by jleq January 22, 2004
the spanish meaning of the slang word word
use when word gets too old
not to be used by unknoledgables to the language
-that show was the shit
- palabra.
by maria C February 07, 2004
word, but in Spanish.

commonly used by cool people.
Mel and Justine like to say Palabra.
by palabra December 07, 2005
wooooorrrrdddd, weeeeeerrddddd, and wuuuuuuurrrddd
are we cool? palabra, man
by o-dog May 26, 2003
Keeping your word
palabra homie
by CHINOE October 02, 2003
the spanish for word
Sra. DeVault used this word in an attempt to be ghetto and relate to the class. It didnt work.
Sra. DeVault: When the question is in TU the answer is in YO! PALABRA!
Class: (sigh)
by bob cob April 04, 2005
a celebratory exclamation.
loosely translated: "fuck yeah, chica!"
the proper response when Penelope and/or Salma ask you to dinner...

by warren smtih August 10, 2006
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