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A total of 3 wars and 1 major battle has transpired between India and Pakistan.

1948: Indian army decides to take over Kashmir before the Kashmiris can exercise their UN acknowledged right to choose. Pakistani army and some tribals push India back and free a 3rd of what is now known as Azad Kashmir (or Free Kashmir under the rule of Pakistan). Azad Kashmir itself bears the testimony of who won the war (i.e., Pakistan)

1965: Indian forces decide to attack Pakistan as they were thinking that because of their size, they will seize Pakistani territory. Pakistan's military answers the challenge with unprecedented bravery, (acknowledged by articles written by retired Indian generals in TimesOfIndia and in world's military magazines). Pakistan uses American supplied military hardware such as F-86 Sabres etc to kick Indian army's butt all the way to arabian ocean. The air-superiority was so evident that (documentedly) for every plane that Pakistan lost 7 Indian planes were destroyed. The war was started by Indians on 6th Sept and was ended by Pakistan on 11th Sept when India ended up conceding areas and went to UNSC to beg Pakistan to stop the war. The war produced some of the best military achievements and tactics taught today even in US military academy's such as West Point etc. One of Pakistan's airforce young star fighter pilot known as M. M. Alam (lookup on the google) set a world record when he destroyed 5 indian attacking aircrafts in less than 1 minute time.

1971: Pakistan army was trapped in Eastern Pakistan as there was a revolt in that region. Indians took advantage of the inner turmoil of Pakistan and helped the creation of what is called Bangladesh. This also gave them a chance to square off the humiliating defeat they suffered in 1965 at the hands of their smaller neighbor. Even in this war, on the Western front, Pakistan destroyed the major Indian navy ports of Dwarka and captured western part of Indian territories which had to be returned under peace agreement brokered by UN.

1999: Kargil, a group of mujahideen capture areas of Indian occupied kashmir. The fighting starts (according to Indian figures), over 4300 soldier's died, several fighter planes downed along with helicopter. 263 Pakistanis martyred. Indian sucked Clinton's balls to stop the battle and on America's insistance, Pakistan withdraws from what was being seen by every Pakistani is a sure victory and consequently, the decision to side with US costs the Pakistani Prime Minister of that time Nawaz Shareef his job. But a clear victory over Indians and their army suffered heavily in this war.
Read the Jane's defense weekly's archive on the 1965 war and how Pakistan showed a superior military muscle over its larger neighbor with lesser resources.

General Tommy Frank and other US general's on one or more occasions have testified to the fact that Pakistan one of the best armies in terms of discipline and tactics in the world and that is why it is no wonder that there is a close military cooperation between Pakistan and US.

Indian's in general have never been good war and related tactics. That is why India for the most part of its history has been occupied by invading forces. Pakistanis are different, they are the proud and very brave forebearers of very honorable traditions based of freedom at any cost.
by ATL_ROX May 10, 2005
This is in response to the guy taht is blasting India(especially Hindus). I am a Muslim, but whni i am talking to a Pakistani, i am an Indian. I wish Pakistan would not associate Indian muslims with Pakistan. It seems to think that all Muslims hate India and want to help Pakistan in its pathetic attempts to atack India. The gujurat riots happened and they are now over. The things that happened in the riots were caused by a few religious extremists. These extremists were both Hindu and Muslim. Both Hindus and Muslims slaughtered each other. Overall, the riots happened because corrupt politicians spread rumors about both sides around te state.

First of all, all Hindus are not anti-Muslim zealots. Only a few are. Hinduism is one of the most tolerant religions in the world.

Second of all, there are extremists in all religions including Islam.

Pakistan is a hotbead of Islamic extremism.

Pakistan has never won anything against the Indian army(which is actually one of the most powerful in the world and is also the second largest in the world).

Both Kashmir and Pakistan were orignally part of India no matter what these extremist bastards says. Some Pakistanis claim that they have no relation to Indians, but they are exactly the same.

India will eventually take back Pakistan when Bush decides to send his troops to Pakistan. He will definately do this. Pakistan feels special right now because America is helping it, but it seems to forget that America was bestfriend with Saddam Hussain and Bin Laden at one point. Pakistan is next, after Iraq and Afghanistan are finished. If Pakistan decides to attack India again, it will be wiped off the face of the earth.
Jai Hind! Hindustan Zindabad!
by Hindustani Muslim February 08, 2005
ie. Indian military defeats.

Referred to by Indians (Hindus in particular) as illusions, oxymorons, etc.

What stands as irrelevant to Indian Hindus is the daily slaughter of Muslims in India every day at the hands of sickeningly psychotic Hindu mobs, as in the Gujarat massacres, where entire Muslims families were burned alive, torn apart alive and raped.

Indian Hindu massacres have one chilling common theme; the slicing open of pregnant women and killing their unborn children, followed by killing the woman, or raping, then killing her, as occurs daily in Kashmir, and was a main feature of the Hindu massacre of Muslims in Gujarat.

Hindu extremists and moderats alike deny Kasmir's right to solidarity and the right to decide whether to go with Pakistan aor be independent. The fact that India rapes and pillages Kashmir because it is a Muslim region is evident in the massive scale of humn rights atrocities documented by Amnesty International and Unicef - whereas azad Kashmir (Free Kashmir), in Pakistan, ins a comparedly peaceful area with no such massacre, rape and pillaging.

The Pakistani government has always been about selling out to the higher bidder , with the exception of Zia ul Haqq, and it is therefore not a matter of contention between the Pakistani and Indian governments, but between the Mujahideen who battle Indian state terror and will one day emerge victorious and destroy it.

Typically, Indian Hindu peoples, as is the case with Americans, etc, are in denial about their governemnt's state terror and unquestioningly accept what the government feeds them anf who it tells them to hate - again, as in America. This thus desensitizes them completely to the suffering of anyone non-Hindu under the BNP regime, from Muslims to Sikhs to anyone non-Hindu, whose lives have zero value to the common Indian Hindu public.

India ranks as perhaps the most blatantly suppressive and murdering state laughingly labelled a 'democracy' in modern times - along with Musharraf's regime in Pakistan.

Pakistani military victories, especially under Musharraf, are irrelevant. The battle of the Mujahideen against Indian genocide and terror and the many battles they have won against thsi tyrannical regime are what is relevant, and what will destroy the genocidal Hindu extremists.
Hindu extremists and moderates both support genocide of Muslims; the Pakistani military does nothing while the Mujahideen bring the baby-butchering Hindus to task.
by Naouruki January 27, 2005