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If one would ever have the misfortune of accidently venturing into pakistani Punjab one would expect to be immediately set upon and molested. In the villages and cities of punjab it is quite common for women to be gang raped and even sanctioned as an unwritten rule of law to settle disputes to do with izzat (honour). Needless to say the punjabi women probably savour this experience as they are only nominally muslim and only practice islam when it suits them. Punjabi mothers and aunties dress as if they are in their 20s showing off their disgusting wrinkled faces to men half their age. It is well known that many of them cheat on their husbands and that punjabi girls are getting fucked by every race under the sun; even by uncircumcised hindus.
Their promiscuity shamefully knows no bounds and their men are often too cowardly or 'pussy whipped' to do anything about it making them indistinguishable from indians. Mirpuris on the other hand possess testicular fortitude and are the first to fight back against racism or islamophobia. This is in stark contrats to the morally bankrupt and apathetic punjabi who would rather sit at home and lust over bollycrap actors/actresses.
In conclusion, due to punjabis' corruption and immorality Pakistan has been subjected to many self-inflicted hardships and thus we should not shed a tear for these animals. Their cultural capital is Lahore ,commonly known as LA-WHORE due to the widespread practice of voluntary prostitution amongst lahori women.
Eternal truth:

Pakistani Punjabis are and always be a damned people.

1. Person 1: who is that slag sucking off that black man's uncircumcised cock infront of her cowardly brother?

Person 2: Why old chap that would be a typical pakistani punjabi girl.

Person 1: She isnt a girl shes about 50!

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