mexicans that immigrate over looking everywhere they can for work. They form groups outside of large hardware stores and swarm around anyone who drives by with an open window.
Look at all the paisas outside of Home Depot!
by seanshreds February 12, 2012
Persona born in medellin colombia da best peolpe in latin america cuz we nice ppl, friendly, n we love to party. WE called papitos o' mamasitas. we fans of DIM n Atletico Nacional Medellin, representin us is is Juan carlos henao n "el escorpion" Huigita. u know we always got sick styles. n if u get da chance sometime try out la bandeja paisa hemanos!!!!!!
somos paisas,
representando colombia,
comiendo arepas!!!
(con quesito)
by i unno i 4get it October 16, 2004
Mexicans that look/dress like the Arabians that you would see at the DMV
that dudes so paisa, look at what hes wearin he looks like one of those A-rabs that wear gucci n shit n try to look all fresh but they look like fags
by MrLurkit December 17, 2009

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