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Someone that is so un-attractive and so super weak which makes them terrible in bed that they cannot have sex because they are so uncapable and so a new word had to be created so you have something to call them.
David Parker is paipsey
That guy david parker sucks in bed he must be paipsey
by xxRangexx May 31, 2010

Words related to paipsey

The word paipsey refers to some one that is that stupid and that much of a wimp there is just no other way to describe them
Danny Jones is Paipsey
by Gtavc1210 May 27, 2010
Paipsey is a word used to describe something or somebody that is pathetic/weak or annoying or any kind of negative thing.
Danny Jones' and David Parker's arguments are paipsey.
by IHDAD June 18, 2010