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An individual lacking pubic hair, usually depicted as female. This does not nessicarily mean that the individuals hair was removed, it can also mean pre-pubescent.
The main character in the Manga/Anime "Ghosttalker's Daydream" is described as paipan but does not shave, she simply has never developed pubic hair.
by kushieline February 28, 2006
Someone who dosn't have any hair where it counts
After the party, Ronald woke up paipan
by SH8aP May 26, 2005
A slang word to describe a woman without pubic hair. Roughly translated from Japanese it means 'shaved'.
GIRL A: " You're paipan?! You must be some kind of slut!"
GIRL B: "It's not like that, it just feels better. Try it and see for your self."
by benx5 July 02, 2012