someone who uses the field's cover to shoot enemies from a hidden or advantageous spot
the sniper stayed low and took shots when he was sure of them.
by mike vais November 26, 2003
Top Definition
a paintballer who everyone hates because he has selfcontrol and doesn't shoot everytime a leaf moves.
the paintball sniper showed complete control when he didn't shoot every moving object.
by driftwood666 April 22, 2006
non existant person who thinks they can snipe out people with a paintball gun that cost alot more than it should have. a paintball gun will never be a sniper due to all the conditions that take effect into the way the ball travels and how accurate it is such as air moisture pressure going into the gun and temperature
dude did that paintball sniper shoot you?

whats a paintball sniper?

i have no idea i heard someone say it on the field so i thought id sound intelligent if i mentioned it.
by punx 4 lyfe July 05, 2006
A mythlogical woodland creature that people actually belive they can become by hiding in the bushes with overpriced gear that looks like crap.
Bill:"That kid over there thinks hes a paintball sniper"

Joe:"Poor kid....."
by K shroom August 03, 2005
A newb that camps and is little/no help to his team.
Jimmy is a Paintball Sniper, he just got bunkered and went home crying.
by jeep November 19, 2003
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