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The vertical up down motion practiced by Daniel Laruso in the movie "The Karate Kid". Some people will use the motion as a goofy dance move, similiar to the sprinkler, and starting the lawnmower.
I was so wasted at Bill's wedding that i started to "Paint the Fence" on the dance floor, while Jenny was doing the sprinkler.
by hefftone April 24, 2009
When a girl licks your cock up and down, making it look like she is painting a fence with her tongue.
Before Tara started suckin my cock I had her paint the fence to get it hard.
by OptimusPrimePhd December 04, 2010
when a male ejaculates on a womans breasts and then proceeds to spread his cum all over with his cock
"After I came on her tits, She let me 'paint the fence'."
by monicaC May 19, 2007
the act of masterbating in a room filled with people
last night at the party john just started painting the fence
by sallyskellington June 09, 2005