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1. Noun. An orgasm that is achieved solely through pain stimuli.
When Jen had paingasm while Joe was flogging her she realized she was a masochist.
by rosered February 20, 2004
Noun used to describe the peak of pain felt just prior to a muscle release.
Jean moaned deeply while she had a paingasm, when her therapist hit the right spot to release her psoas muscle.
by footinmouth November 26, 2014
A woman achieving an orgasm solely through the use of sand paper condoms
Travis; I gave this girl a pain-gasm last night
Ben; really? Nice, where did you the the sandpaper condoms
Sam; he got them from me, I know a guy
by Dr travis11 July 10, 2009
A sharp feeling of discomfort in the genital region of a man that normally happens without notice causing one to wince in tremendous soreness.
Chris winced in agony as a paingasm suddenly presented itself during dinner.
by Daren Bukator December 02, 2007
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