The feeling of someone stronger than you slapping your face, or of getting beaten with a riding crop, or of tweezers on your nipples, or of getting spanked on the ass or the vulva, or being touched somewhere that just got a bad sunburn.

See also: Pleasure
The greatest feeling in the world is orgasm. Pain is a close second.
by Verileigh September 25, 2010
pain.. is when something with a force is inflicted on you and either causes you to tear up, in other cases scream, but..always..the one who keeps it all in. sometimes, pain is caused by anger, a forceful emotion sometimes kept inside, causing you to possibly inflict this pain on yourself..resulting in slight happiness, but for a small extent of time. To sum it all up, pain doesn't make anything better for a lifetime, it's only temporarily.
an example for pain.
just cut yourself and find out..or get someone to put you in pain..
by Samantha King March 23, 2007
Contrary to popular belief, this word is actually an acronym for Penis-Aggravating Internal Numbness. This sensation is commonly felt by teenage bros when reading feminist novels for school projects, or when reading anything written by Jane Austen.
Student 1: Have you read Pride and Prejudice yet?
Student 2: No, have you?
Student 1: Yeah, you better get ready for some PAIN.
by lolurbandictionarylol December 13, 2009
a term used to refer to marijuana amongst fellow peers.
wanna hit some pain?
by HELLHAMMER2012 June 03, 2009
"WHAT IS PAIN?" "FRENCH BREAD!"- from Rember the Titans
by wrestlerbob February 21, 2005
PAINs pathetic and immature nobs! the ones that fuck u off!!
the ones that dont act there age and make pathetic jokes! pain
by creator of all pricks July 11, 2009
pain is a weakness leaving your body!
man that girl has been through so much pain.
by babygurl March 23, 2005

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