A word used to identify one's perception of a feeling.
Pain and any other feeling you can feel are one and the same. Pain is just man's futile attempt to define
by Paine April 10, 2004
An annoyance, hindrance, or inconvenience.
My car broke down again. What a pain!
by Erin Catherine July 10, 2008
1. A feeling sent to your brain to indicate damage to the body
2. An awesome Ska-Punk band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
3. The feeling you get when you realize that the aforementioned band is never coming back together and that nobody even remembers who they are.
1. Fuck! My penis is on fire! I am experiencing severe pain!
2. Fuck all the new bands of today, I only wish there was more works by Pain.
3. They're never coming back together, and all I can feel is this crippling pain.
by Some Guy Who Likes Ska November 01, 2013
Pain is weakness leaving the body.
What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger...
You get used to pain over time... just like when you get the chicken pox. Once you've had it you wont get it again...
by skinnybob1 June 03, 2011
everyone goes through their own share of pain, & because of what we go through we tend on thinking we are stronger or better than others. god sees us all the same, and every fault to him is beauty, because it makes us wrong doers who we are, in him & what the world means to us. some pain seems worse than others. but every person thinks differently & has their own opinions on hurt. some people might be feeling as if they are dieing because a silly crush didnt work out, & others would say they dont know what pain is. but, its not what happens to us that makes us stronger, its how we deal with all of the aches wounds, & torture. do we give up & really start believing we're pathetic? or do we try and move on ... leaning on others for a change. but then again, whats said is easier than doing .. moving on is one of the biggest struggles of humanity.
pain is ...
giving your life away brutally all for the sake of sinners like ourselves.
its hearing that your spouse having to go off to war .. or is not coming back. pain is knowing that you destroyed someones life .. over ignorance. or having a loved one die and you not being able to talk about it. its being called stupid and retarded over and over, by the ones who mean most to you.. & you yourself cant even take yourself seriously anymore. its watching your parents screaming at each other and lying to one anothers face, then watching them split up for good. pain is having to choke down all your love .. hate, thoughts, feelings, your voice. its the man who cant deal with his stress so he takes his anger out on his little boy. its the little girl, whos alcoholic mother wont believer her about, her low life father abusing her.
by Trickinout.chilldd. July 23, 2010
Something that demands to be felt.
"Pain demands to be felt" - An Imperial Affliction (The Fault in Our Stars).
by AriadneWight June 18, 2014
Pain can come in numerous ways, shapes, and forms. It depends on what you are going through. There is emotional pain, physical pain, etc, emotional and physical being the most common types. They can happen for a bunch of reasons. You could have gotten in to a car wreck and broken a bone, you could have had your feelings crushed by somebody you thought was on your side, anything can happen. Some good remedies are music, games, reading, and as crazy as it sounds, simply working. The important thing is to get help when needed and talk to people you know you can trust.
I will use a personal example for this one.

I dated a girl from the start of my birthday, but the relationship didn't last very long (a month and a few days to be exact) after the relationship ended we decided we could Still be friends, I was however unsure of this and had to give it some thought. I almost said no, we can't be friends because it would just be to painful for me, but I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and went through with it, I can't even begin to say how hard it was to even look at her and to still have feelings for her, it really hurt. Then the unthinkable happened, some punk tarnished my name by writing a nasty note about her and left it in my workplace, for whatever reason she did not even come to me to question it, that hurt most of all. The important thing is I had friends that were able to uplift me through the disaster and help me grieve. I still think about her from time to time, and I miss her incredibly, I can really only hope that the person who made this mess comes clean, I lost a friend I wanted to keep, that is the worst kind of pain I've known. I can now only hope that she reads this and it opens her eyes.
by lifehasmejaded August 20, 2013

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