A word used to identify one's perception of a feeling.
Pain and any other feeling you can feel are one and the same. Pain is just man's futile attempt to define
by Paine April 10, 2004
An annoyance, hindrance, or inconvenience.
My car broke down again. What a pain!
by Erin Catherine July 10, 2008
1. A feeling sent to your brain to indicate damage to the body
2. An awesome Ska-Punk band from Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
3. The feeling you get when you realize that the aforementioned band is never coming back together and that nobody even remembers who they are.
1. Fuck! My penis is on fire! I am experiencing severe pain!
2. Fuck all the new bands of today, I only wish there was more works by Pain.
3. They're never coming back together, and all I can feel is this crippling pain.
by Some Guy Who Likes Ska November 01, 2013
Pain is weakness leaving the body.
What doesn't kill you can only make you stronger...
You get used to pain over time... just like when you get the chicken pox. Once you've had it you wont get it again...
by skinnybob1 June 03, 2011
The feeling of someone stronger than you slapping your face, or of getting beaten with a riding crop, or of tweezers on your nipples, or of getting spanked on the ass or the vulva, or being touched somewhere that just got a bad sunburn.

See also: Pleasure
The greatest feeling in the world is orgasm. Pain is a close second.
by Verileigh September 25, 2010
Something that happens when you step on a pile of legos.
Son: Dad, why have you been holding your foot for 3 hours? Are you in pain?
by MrCat January 24, 2015
When you listen to that song by Aqua called Barbie Girl
Person 1: Oh, I'm in so much pain!!
Person 2: I see you're listening to Barbie Girl again.
by bootyyyqueen October 07, 2014
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