Tying together relationship between the two strongest emotions, pain and love. Religiously, christ suffering and being crucified symbolizes the pain he went through because of his love for all manking and dying to free mankind of their sins. Also, shown with parents, children. A mother is willing to endure a significant amount pain, even death because of her love towards her newborn. "Pain is love"..
many other examples of this..
many many examples..suffering and enduring pain because of a greater love...

"pain is love" - used as an expression
by none888888888888884 March 02, 2009
Top Definition
pain is love symblizes the struggle of love and is meaning that to truly have love you must go through pain so therefore they are one in the same
john is going through pain is love becasue he loved his father so much he is is pain
by c-noll August 08, 2006
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