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friend that lies betrays and isnt true to u
drini: u wana cum cinema
dina: na i woz feelin sik all week includin toai so am stayin home
drini: k den

- hour later drini is walkin to the cinemas-

drini see's dina in the near by shop wiv sum of her frenz drini thinks omg wot a PAIGON SHE LIED TO ME DAT BITCH
by JusMe! April 17, 2008
Someone who does nothing; someone who is not worth your time (Synonym: Wasteman)
Dem boys paigon, I can't stand 'em (See J Hus- Dem Boys Paigon)
by Ramit March 30, 2015
some one named daved who is a pagion
paigon dave
by paigon February 10, 2012

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