Instead of saying, "Oh, bollocks" or similar words
"Will you go out with me?"
"No; you have a face like a welder's bench"
by The real Jeffers August 04, 2006
Pah is used to show beastliness
pah, that is so gay
by geoffrey ravendale October 12, 2003
acronym for pissed as hell/heck
A: hey, what's up?
B: nm im just tryna buy some music off of rhapsody and the files won't open on my computer. pah
A: aw man that sucks
B: yeah I'm out $5

X: how was your audition? did you make it?
Y: nah man this girl was messing me up in the audience. I tripped and missed a line. pah
by DubstepTrebek March 29, 2011
Adjective meaning attractive or buff, or noun with same implications.
"That girl is pah!"

"That's a pah."
by John Cackett May 04, 2008
The sound created by punching your ovaries, or pelvic area with your fist. Must be hit with a wrist snap action to get the essential 'PAH' sound. also used as a subsitute for 'fuck'
'Tiffany if you dont shutup in going to 'PAH' you'

'PAH' off

this is 'PAH'ing' stupid
by ausgemma January 25, 2006
1) A word to show disregard for something.

2) Can be used in a cute or malicious form.
Cory: You're so hot!

Stacey: Pah..shudup you're embarrassing me!

Cory: Eh, ok, you're NOT hot.....

Bryan: Hey! Sarah is kinda hot you know!

Jock: Pah! She's a fucking dyke!
by Daedleus August 19, 2005
hitting, punching, killing, shooting, etc. Or just pahing someone off by making them say i dont know when you say wai?
Tiyul: You are so PLAIN!
Flockbert: Wai?
Tiyul: I dont know!
Flockbert: I am the one who likes to PAH you
by Medos!@#$ November 11, 2003

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