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To be 'pacoed' is to be in the presence of someone who has just made a completely unintelligible statement, resulting in your confusion and complete lack of understanding.

Also, 'pacoed' refers to a state of complete pointlessness.
Ravi was left 'pacoed' after Richard had called him at work. Again.
by ArsenalArmada December 12, 2007
12 3
When an undersized woman approaches you and grabs your privates while yelling "ARE YOU NERVOUS NOW!?" and then walks away
Example 1: Dude i was walking down the hall when charlie totally pacoed me.
by Metrocon Dancing Panda July 01, 2011
2 1
To be fired from your employment while on vacation.
Poor old Surdin, sitting in Thailand getting a BJ having a great of a time and he gets pacoed!
by Maverik234 September 16, 2009
0 1