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Recently divorced/seperated women, who gather in packs, usualy 2 or more, who frequent nightclubs, bars, etc looking for males to lure in. The outcome is not for actual sex or a relationship, but a dire effort to see 'if they still have it' to get a man. This is accompanied with a great deal of heartbreak for the male.
see them 3 ladies Glen? they been here every night the last 2 weeks tryna find a man. I bet they are packsluts, yep, i can tell a pack slut a mile away
by Blade IRC August 19, 2008

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commonly used name for a group of 2 or more women who are recently divorced, seperated and looking to score to see if they still
'have what it takes '.
bill! look at that packslut!!! guess they out hunting tonight
by BladeIRC July 29, 2008