an excuse for a gay boy still "in the closet" not to commit acts of violence, usually because he knows that he would lose the fight. Also known as a pussy.
Bob: "ow, stop punching me!"
Joe: "no, just hit me back."
Bob: "i can't, i'm a pacifist."
by ozzyphobic August 07, 2009
some punk bitch that talks shit on girls and would be a little prick if he said it in person.
that guy was being a pacifist towards ashleet.
by Jonny_5 April 07, 2005
A person who believes that anything goes, including murder, just so long as it isn't them who does the killing. Pacifists will snitch to police, set people up, steal, lie, cheat, screw your boyfriend/girlfriend, and instigate fights between non-pacifists. Pacifists tend to be very self-righteous types, smug, snooty, and elitist. They tend to live in a dream world that they can get away with this sort of crap forever and that nobody will wise up and crush them with a steamroller. They are wrong.
That stupid pacifist snitched me out to the cops. Now she's at the bottom of the lake with her pacifist feet cemented into a metal trash can.
by Panzermitch December 16, 2005
a thing that babies suck on
hay junior dont you wanna suck on this pacifist?
by DAnyN September 08, 2005

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