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Common term used for police officers in the late 80s and early 90s. The use of this term was made popular by the 1988 police procedural crime film Colors.
Yo Wood check that bitch ass Pacman.

Hay Jonathan could keep an eye on that Pacman following us.
by jesusdangerchrist July 29, 2009
22 9
(n.) a black man.
Person 1: Why did you call me Pac Man?
Person 2: Because it's more politically correct than black man.
by Paddy18487891 July 31, 2011
21 9
nintendo mrs.pac man retro gamer video games what kesslan loves

The cute little yellow dude that I have always assumed is married to Mrs.Pac Man. His life consists of eating little dots while saying"waka waka waka" and running from colorful ghosts!
Pac man is very very twee.
by have_you_hugged_larae_today? October 12, 2005
41 30
When a women "gobbles" a mans testicular, and while doing so tries saying "waka waka waka", if she fails to recite said phrase, the man may slap her.
I just got PAC Maned by this bitch! Which was my friends mom...
by pac man master September 01, 2010
30 20
Interchangeable with real,gangsta etc. Keep it pacman
I keep it rEEl pacman
by Mark Morales-Smith June 25, 2008
24 15
An underpriveged NFL player whos run-ins with the law has gotten him bad publicity.
PacMan Jones plays for the Tennesee Titans and has been arrested over 10 times in his 2 year NFL carrer.
by Joe Harris April 02, 2007
63 54
Greg Paczas, a.k.a. PacAss

Title: Dearborn Command Center Manager
Hey, why don't you tell the Pacman about that.
by Richard Dragon March 28, 2005
54 46