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Bombay Hindi slang for a Christian usually of Goan or Anglo-Indian descent. Paav refers to a dinner-roll like piece of bread used as a wrapper in a variety of street foods. The term refers to the propensity of Christians to consume large amounts of bread (as opposed to rice or wheat - the traditional staples)
It is usually employed as an adjective: e.g. paav-wala English
A hindi dialect that consists of both hindi and english words mixed in, usually spoken by persons of Goan descent. It results from the tendency to speak English at home and Hindi and English elsewhere
Example of paav-wala English: Bugger don't yap ok. One bloody kaanpatti you'll get no, you'll see stars in the day man. (As spoken by Javed Jaffrey in the song 'Mumbhai' from Bombay Boys. The movie is littered with snatches of this dialect. Words like 'bloody' and 'man' and are frequently employed as a way of expressing intensity and familiarity respectively. As a side-note bloody and bugger are considered curse words in most adult Indian English conversations.
by saucynoodles February 14, 2012
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