ass kickin
that n00b just got p0wned!
by Energizerman38 September 20, 2006
Top Definition
1. To have been beaten harshly at something
2. To have been insulted harshly
3. To be G.Money, Peanut Head, Myra or Mui
Lol. Mui just got p0wned by Perfect_Saiyan on CS. He r such n00b. He got p0wned!
by Jeffrey Tea July 06, 2003
To lose or "Get owned". Used by many CS lam0rs. :|
OhhhH! HS! HS! HS! HS ! ! ! ! ! ! You got p0wned!
by Death September 21, 2003
wow i just got p0wned by a n00b!
by cheese whiz9 July 22, 2009
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