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Leet form of poon.
d00d were is teh p00n?
by Casey January 05, 2004
derived from two words: pwn and n00b.

p00n should be used in a past-tense form (e.g p00ned), as it is the act of being p00ned. It refers to being "pwned" by a "n00b".
"Yo, i just got p00ned by that glocker."
by n00bular-bomb October 21, 2004
A variation of the word "pwn", which is a l337-way of saying "own"
Taht d00d w4s p00n3d lol.
by 1337 p00n3r July 12, 2006
an online term for pussy, may be exclusive to The Wolf Web; opposite of p33n
Gay guys like p33n, not p00n.
by Anonymous July 17, 2003