Plymouth, WI place where there is a 2 story cow people idolize.
P-town is the place to be.
by P masta Sammy P September 21, 2005
Plymouth, Minnesota
Plymouth is mostly called P-Town on Myspace by teens
by Danny July 02, 2006
The city of Portola Valley in the south bay Cali.
<Haines> Yo Cuzo where yo crib at?
<Mokus> Up in P-Town, Represent biznatch!
by MokusGogus November 14, 2005
The West Side of Petaluma, Califiornia.
We gonna bust up some party down the wesside!! p-town all up in it YO!!
by Rob D. December 02, 2003
The San Francisco of Cape Cod where all the homosexuals from the area migrate to.
I just got back from P Town....all I saw the whole time was those rainbow bumper stickers and butt sex.
by Jack Hoffman December 20, 2006
poughkeepsie new york.
"I got robbed in p-town."
"people get shot at the kennedy fried chicken in p-town"
by buttercup may February 22, 2006

go westview!
not westview, but just as poor.
by Kevin Bredon April 01, 2005

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