short for the Palisades . . . small suburb town in SoCal. Loaded with high class stoners and indenial skanks. You'd love it here . . . if you had the money.
Yesterday I was at the bluffs in P-Town . . . dude, we bought a fucking pound of kush!
by Reilly-Phillips Stone December 31, 2006
a seaside town in Northern California, its actual name is Pacifica but was unofficially re-named P-town by many drug addict teens.
"Dude i hella went to this sick ass party in P-town this past weekend, we got so stoned! I pissed on my brother!"
by mercykids May 02, 2005
The Real P-Town is for Petaluma. Petaluma is a small town just north or sanfransico, and about 21mi away from the coast. We've been P-town for about 150 years not so FUCK YOU!!!! to all of you fags who claim your town is the real p-town. So Basically in Petaluma we have teenagers aimlessly walking the streets with nothing better to do but, smoke stogies, and weed. The teenage life here, consist of parties, getting arrested for not wearing a helmet( or something to that effect because the Petaluma PD is fucking retarded and has to pay for their dodged chargers and fancy speed radar, so they pry on small children by giving them citations, and tickets for doing really nothing at all.) We have an east side and a west side, like most respectable cities, but the west side is 10 times better than the east. and we also own one of the greatest things on earth, the phoenix theater were we get consistent visits from our favorite bands to fucking skank our leggs off too, the phenomanauts, toast machine, the devil makes three, oh and Andre nickatina for all the wanna be mexican gang bangers, and the real mexicans. oh and how can we forget about super hyphy? it's all fun and games till someone brings a gun, man. Our summer activities are, jumping into the infamous Petaluma rive-slue(if you want a penis to grow outta your head) putting soap in fountains ( which you may or may not gett arrested for), walking around downtown smoking cigarettes wondering what your lungs with look like in 20 years cause you know your never gonna stop cause you’ve been smoking since your were 12, "hooking up", knowing everything about everyone, cause thats just how small towns roll, and fucking reeking havoc and chaos on the adult population. we also say HELLA far to much for our own good, but I guess we're never gonna stop, so why even try. And the kids here are divided into the following groups, mexicans, flower children, fucking HxC white kids who listen to hella rap and think their the shit, just the normal white folk, and more mexicans... oh and going to taco bell everyday for lunch, and to tall toad for guitar lessons is a necessity if you want to live here, oh and everyone here think they're a photographer, or a musician, but really we're all just kids growing up in a shit hole, but you gotta love it, I MEAN SHIT........ IT'S P-TOWN WE'RE TALKING ABOUT.. and the only kind of cigarettes we smoke are K-REDssss ffoool.
Pacifica kid: "those Petaluma kids are fucking stupid"

P-town kids:” Well, we don't really give a flying fuck."

Pacifica kid:” I’m appalled by what you've said to me."

p-town kids:"Oh Sorry, hey there a hella fat party, you guys can come if you want, just bring your own Mickey’s, and Kamel reds."
by JESSSSSSSICA kkkkkkkkk February 19, 2009
1. Provincetown, MA (stay away from here if you're homophobic)

2. Providence, RI
by M-easy July 05, 2003
1. Portsmouth Virginia.
2. The "GHETTO" city of Virginia.
3. Said while "P" is gestured with right hand and waved.
"Hey look, its one of P-Town's short yellow buses, one of the ones where they all wear helmets!"
by Evil Leprechaun October 28, 2003
Porvoo, Finland. Used perticularly in hiphop, may also be describing the P-Town sound, which is "hungry".
Ahh shit, we gon' show these maafakas what P-Town is all about!
by Kasperi Laine February 09, 2007
Paterson NJ. Underage Alcohol, Drugs and prostitution ad topless bars can be found here.

Neighboring town to Shag-Lawn
I need to get a 8th take me to P-Town.
by na November 16, 2003

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