P-Town, known in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Long Island to be Paterson, New Jersey, one of the most dangerous cities on the northern east-coast with the exceptions of Camden and Newark (aka: Brick City)
Stay away from the Alabama Projects in P-Town.
by S-Money Money October 05, 2008
slang for the city of pensacola florida.
(guy) - dude want to hit up P town
(guy2) - fuck yeah
by slosha January 21, 2008
Nickname for the city of Pomona, California. Located just 20 minutes east of Los Angeles this city has always been known as an extremely ghetto-fied area. Home to the notorious 12street gang and mexican mafia along with black and asian gangs. Already up to 28 homocides for the year as of Nov. 16, 2007.(compared to its neighboring city of Claremont's 2!)"Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when Pomona P.D comes for you!"
Another one bites the dust in P-town.
by zombienites November 16, 2007
a.k.a "DAT GET DOWN P-Town" Formely known as Portsmouth, Virginia. residency of 757. Labeled as 1 of the 7 CITIESwhere lives are lived for today and today only(may GOD direct the rest)There is no other town that posesses a "P" in a way where its known never forgotten.
Dat mayne came back with some jonxs out Dat Get Down. U tawn bout P-Town ain't you.:sign: You damn skippy.
by Sunny Mayne October 14, 2007
Province Town, Massachusetts a.k.a. hell on earth.
I went to P-Town, I'll never be the same again.
by Snicker Tits January 26, 2009
a town in the middle of nowhere that is vermont.

"So where are you from"





by pretty much roo July 12, 2008
Poway or pacific beach, California home of stoners and reefers all accross the globe. if you denie any of this listen to kotton mouth kings or any reggae band its all about SD baby all about it.
"lets go get some ganj and hit up p-town"
" T-town ballers is where its at"
by SarahPCPK August 20, 2007

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