province town, ma. a welcoming vacation spot for gays and lesbians
we are going to have a wild weekend on our p-town vacation.
by BrightSideofLife June 22, 2007
an infamous in New Jersey, known as Paterson. pretty big city, where niggaz get it in, and they got anything u need out here. its mad hood, diverse community, sum poverty, lotta hustlin. and FUCK PARAMUS, come 2 Ptown and get ur wig split u dig?
P-town got that piff, u alreadi kno!
I went downtown in P-town and copped me a Miskeen.
P-town niggaz will str8 mirk tht buntry ass town Paramus.
The We$t$ide of P-town b makin tht cake, FUCK the eastside!
by AbzTraKt August 25, 2006
Actual nick-name of Pendleton, Oregon. Some may confuse P-Town for Portland but it is more known as the name for Pendleton. For more on Pendleton, look up Pendleton, Oregon.
P-Town for the Round-Up!
by CamelGurl August 30, 2010
a town in the middle of nowhere that is vermont.

"So where are you from"





by pretty much roo July 12, 2008
Poway or pacific beach, California home of stoners and reefers all accross the globe. if you denie any of this listen to kotton mouth kings or any reggae band its all about SD baby all about it.
"lets go get some ganj and hit up p-town"
" T-town ballers is where its at"
by SarahPCPK August 20, 2007
what people who are ashamed of living in, yet are trying to make their city look a modicum of cool call Patchogue, NY.
"Yo, where you from?"

by linsky maz May 22, 2007
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