Short for Portland, a city in Oregon on the west coast.
Person 1: Yo, where you from?
Person 2: Me? I'm from p town dawg.
by Felix November 16, 2003
"Pleasure Town" as in to abbreviate the quote from Anchorman, "Take me to Pleasure Town"
Nicole is so fine, i'm going to take her to P town.
by iandickie March 10, 2008
Pacifica, California

Pacifica is a small seaside town in northern California. It was created in 1965 when the Vikings landed their ships on Linda Mar Beach and founded the United States of America. Host of the 1897 Winter Olympics, Pacifica is a town recognized and revered by all as the number one importer of marijuana in Northern California. The birthplace of Al Capone, and the resting place of Abraham Lincoln, nowhere in the world is more invigorating of a location to be inside of. Pacifica is characterized by phrases like, "Gee, that's swell," and, "Hitmeupoartlate," and, "Balls pwnage." The majestic Five-Horned Whelk, and the poisonous Sphinctor finds its refuge among the mighty oaks of Tamriel, located in Pacifica's southern provinces, directly below the human veal processing plant. Governed by ill-tempered robots, the police force is comprised of a handful of mindless assholes. Fuck Officer Glasgo, he's a straight faggot. Yeah, you little gaper, you heard me. Arrest me again, bitch. FOR WHAT?! Everything I'm writing is being monitored. EVERYTHING I SAY IS BEING READ BY THE ROBOTS. THEY WONT LET US OUT -- THEY SEALED THE CITY WALLS AND ITS BEING FILLED WITH SANDWICH BAGS -- PLEASE SEND HELP
"parakeets homemore POPULAR"

by RANKRANKRANK April 02, 2007
Nickname for the always wonderful Plainfield, Vermont. Known for "the wall" and the rec as the local hangout. Home to Positive Pie, the best pizza place in the world, if you haven't eaten their pizza, you haven't tasted pizza. Also home to River Run, a southern style restaurant, which serves many delicious southern foods, including catfish and fritters. Goddard College is also located in this wonderful town. And most importantly home to numerous hippies and red necks. Come visit us!
"Where do you live?"
"P Town, baby, Plainfield!!"
"Where the hell is that?"
"Like 10 mins. from Montpelier."
"Oh, I know where Montpelier is!"
by B-Marty February 16, 2007
short for Provincetown. a shore-side town on Cape Cod, known for its large, rather vibrant gay community, many interesting shops and galleries, ridiculously crowded streets in summer, and many quaint/quirky little cape-style houses. it's lots of fun, but more enjoyable off-season when the tourists aren't as numerous.
p-town is neat, i've got some friends there.
by dagger_grrl February 13, 2004
The slang for Patchogue, Long Island, which by the way is ghetto and filled with spics.
wow the gov't must deport all the illegals to p town Long island.
by jigitawa January 30, 2006
Slang for the city of Peterborough, UK
Im going out into ptown!
by chris_myster December 20, 2009
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