Porirua, Wellington New Zealand
in P'Town, u have da K'mart, North City Plaza, the Piglet Farm (Police acadamy) and about a million bloody state houses in Waitangirua and cannons creek with six million bloody coconuts in them
by Pol Pothead February 10, 2012
Commonly used abbreviation or way of referencing Provincetown, MA.
We are heading to Women's Week in P'town to check out the hot butches.
by Dreamer7 September 28, 2009
A part of Massachusets on the very tip of Cape Cod, that has been known for its large population of homosexuals
I refuse to go to P town unless i can find some duct tape to seal my ass with
by Toxicmerc571 December 05, 2006
I can see where people would use this slang for any town whose name, begins with P, however we believe P-town to be Provincetown, Mass., on the tip of Cape Cod
It's always a party in P-town!
by Spriggolf August 28, 2005
P-Town refers to Portland Oregon.
Because its the biggest city in Oregon it is very popular and many people go there for shopping and such, so it is much easier to say P-Town then to say Portland.
"Hey Im going shopping in P-Town this weekend, wanna go?"
by -created by me- November 16, 2008
Slang for the Washington town of Pasco, one of the Tricities.
Where all my P town homies at?
by tricitiessteve August 30, 2010
"Pleasure Town" as in to abbreviate the quote from Anchorman, "Take me to Pleasure Town"
Nicole is so fine, i'm going to take her to P town.
by iandickie March 10, 2008

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