Pretty much any town that begins with a "P." Where I'm from, it's either Pennington, NJ, or Princeton, NJ.
"Yo let's go to ptown tonight"
by Lucy February 27, 2005
P town is another way to say PLEASANTON.. which is a city in the east bay or northern California.
P town is lame and the cops have nothing better to do then pull teenagers over for being out past midnight!
by Tooblerone May 10, 2005
refers to a city in New Jersey named Paterson....also called Silk City
Jus Blaze reps P-Town.
by Jovie July 06, 2005
All of these other people saying what this is are all WRONG!!

The real P town is Poway.
P town is the city in the country.
P town has a ghetto that is not very ghettoish.
by Bob April 06, 2005
P town is the most kick ass city in Virginia located in the seven cities!!
ayo, im from Ptown...reppin up the 7 cities!
by Ptown survivor May 06, 2004
Piedmont California
Home of the Highlanders

A dog dont mess wit him hes from p town
by Foilage March 03, 2005
The ghettoest city in New Hampshire.
Where ya chillin?
P-town yo
by K2 December 21, 2003

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