P Town is an abbreviated term for a small city in northern California, more commonly known as Pacifica. As many of you may or may not know, Pacifica is home of the infamous Linda Mar Shopping Center, which contains extremely important stores such as Slaveway, Rite Aid, and Ross. Where would Pacificans be without Slaveway, a place to visit various Terra Nova high school students and make them cart your groceries to your car? Where would Pacificans be without the utterly useless Rite Aid, which is no more than a pathetic, but newly rennovated, hopeless place to steal an assortment of widely used alcoholic beverages? Where the FUCK would Pacificans be without Ross?
A place for the elderly to purchase clothes and for teenagers, especially chicks, to purchase the same blouse as the next chick, awaiting the day they both wear it on the same day and both try to hide the fact that they actually shop at Ross. Pacifica is a place where public service workers, such as policemen and firefighters enjoy constantly asking for donations, when in fact, thats the last thing they need. I suggest, the Pacifica Fire Department get a fucking Dalmation, so they can at least look appealing to children (through daily field-trips to elementary schools due to the fact that they have no actual emeergencies EVER, except for the occasional suicide attempt/pitiful fight attempted by Terra Nova students). I suggest that every police take their fucking blinding flashlights and stick them up their fucking asses and take their damn cuffs and use them to fuck eachother (at least with style). P Town is also a huge carrier of a very commonly used drug known as marijuana. Not only is it bought buy everyone and their fathers, but it is also sold buy the same people who buy it and smoke it. The funny thing is, is that the retailers of weed try to screw over their customers by raising the price (when in fact they probably have enough weed stashed away in a tin can somewhere). It is a known fact that everyone has driven thru Pacifica and it is also known that no one actually takes the time to stop here. Ahh yes, the B.O.V. A place where people declare it is a 'tuff living', and it is sad to say that people in Manor probably have it the tuffest. Another funny fascination: teenagers who live in Linda Mar and even Manor think they wont see customers they know by working at the Manor Slaveway. *chuckle*, wut idiots. I say they see more people they know at Manor than any other store (and just to let you know, for those of you working at Manor Slaveway, customers find it much more embarrassing to have to show the courtesy and admit they know you by saying hi to you, than you do by just seeing them). O finally, the positives about Pacifica. which unfortunately turn to negatives sooner or later one word: BEACH. I find it humorous to think of the wide variety of people who surf in Pacifica, ranging from old fogies to the littlest of children. I would just like to say, yes, it must be very difficult to fall off your board 50 times in 30 mins trying to surf 3 foot (at the most) waves. I enjoy seeing the comedic action while cruising down highway 1. No, the beach is good for plain old sandy fun...nothing more. Go surf somewhere more worthwhile. please. its too cold in those waters anyways. Who could forget the wonderful Beachfront TACO BELL! With its shitty outdoor tables, you may at some point in you life find it pleasant to eat here. Without furthur adue, i'd like to end this longass definition, in hopes of encouraging my fellow readers to add to this schpeel. gracias an example of how everyone tries to speak spanglish due to the absolutely completely fulfilling spanish courses at terra nova high taught by perez, araiza and guz. Party over (fuck those 2 words).
"Hey, dude, where do u reside?"
"Yo man, p town is the place. Dang fool, u dont even know. The BOV is like, totally bombin."
"Sounds like a harsh livin bluh."
by fool higgins January 31, 2008
Top Definition
Portland, Oregon
We're gonna hit up Westside P-town.
by Nat Hizzle December 08, 2003
nickname for Portland Oregon
Let's go to Ptown for weekend!
by amopdx December 07, 2005
P Town refers to Provincetown, Massachusetts. Provincetown is a slightly colder, slightly gayer version of Key West. P town has been bastardized to include almost any city starting with "P".
Grab your assless chaps, we're going to the parade in P Town.
by Yaj April 20, 2006
Actually P Town is a term used to "nickname" or slang any area city starting with the letter P. It appears to be used by kids all over the country.

P Town could be Plymouth, CA, or Plymouth, MA, or Philadelphia, PA or Pottersville for that matter.
"I'm going to P Town tonight."
by Nicole Ryan July 14, 2005
P-Town is an abreviation used by the gay community for Provincetown, Mass.The town is known for its beaches, harbor, artists, tourist industry, and its reputation as a gay resort.
popular for memorial weekend and for the 4th of July.Other notable festivals during the year include the Christmas-themed "Holly Folly", "Bear Week", "Mate's Leather Weekend", "Women's Week", "Family Week", "Single Men's Weekend", "Provincetown Film Festival" and the "Provincetown Jazz Festival."
Hey are we hittin' P-town for Memorial weekend?
by teresa slain November 06, 2007
A term used for almost any town that starts with a "P".
Though I don't know about other p-towns, the one I live in is called that in an attempt to make it seem "ghetto" and not the suburbia it really is.
by emma February 26, 2005
Refers to Portland, Oregon on the west coast.
Rae: Are you going to P Town tonight?
Jake: Yea, that town is amazing!
by Radxtiger August 08, 2010
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