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boy disguising as a man, loves his girls and his shoes and his hair. and talking dirty
hey that's p-boy innit? check out the shoes
by irene November 26, 2003
20 13

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A short version of the word pussyboy.
Someone who is a pussy or a bitch.
Yo can lets chill and go out to the bar tonite man.
Naw yo i cant.
Wow ur such a Pboy!
by Joel G March 05, 2010
3 3
a little fag boy,one whos a little bitch,basically a 'pussy boy'.
"Carl is such a p-boy,he wont jump the fence."
by zazaza November 06, 2005
35 35
Short for party boy
Party boy got so wasted, he ended up in bed with a fat girl, who smelled like vomit.

=>P-boy, 's wrong with you?!?
by P-boy January 11, 2004
15 18