pussy obtained in the back seat of dad's mustang.
i got my share of p'tang at the drive-in.
by johnson brown September 03, 2005
Top Definition
Hillbilly for pussy, cunt, vagina
Hey bitch! Get in the truck. I want some of that poontang.
by Hot Tongue lover July 07, 2005
A rare central African tree, with a large root system.
Aquired its name from the sound made when its pear-shaped fruit fall from its branches
Did you hear the sound that Ptang tree just made?
by Josh+ October 24, 2006
Pronounced: Pitang

Another word for saying Annoyed.
You have Ptanged me for the last time.

Go Ptang someone else.

You are Ptanging me.
by Ridio93 May 06, 2008
A ricochet, or part of the Knights that until recently said NI repartee
Ecky ecky ecky ecky wheeeee ptang NI!
by T.E. Laurence May 17, 2004
p'tang: "pussy" in veitnamish, used be soldiers during the vietnam war.
I'm going to go into that village and get some p'tang
by Monsier Pie November 06, 2003
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