I was born in ozzy, but I grew up in the US.
by El filosofo March 04, 2012
n: A very lengthy male member.

n: A person who loves to be a douchebag or partake in douchebaggery

in other words a big dick!
-"OMG Nathan's got an Ozzy!"

-"Adam is such an Ozzy all the time"
-"Yeah he's such a douche"
by pants93 February 09, 2011
In reference to the show Oz, something that couldn't possible be more gay if they were trying, despite the fact that being gay is not what they are trying for at all.
Don't you think Cirque du Soleil is a bit ozzy?
by GBodhisattva July 10, 2009
was the godfather of metal, now MTV's bitch

Well for fuck's sake.He's an old man what the fuck do you want from him? Do you want him to do mock human sacrifices and drink blood? Shit,he'd have to put his dentures in for that!
Leave old man ozzy alone you Iron Maiden fags!
by fuck Iron Maiden November 28, 2005
The most wonderful person in the world. He gave me a reason to live, and carried me out of the suicidal state of being. When I heared Crazy Train for the first time, I loved Ozzy and wanted to live again. I would drink poison for him, And jump in front of a bullet...I would do fuckin anything for him, i owe my life 2 him cuz he saved it. Im tired of pple saying he is going to Hell. HE IS A FUCKING CHRISTIAN AND HES GOING TO SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE, BICHEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So piss off if you dont like Ozzy Osbourne and his beautiful wife Sharon, because They both dezerv ur support. and also, OZZY IS A FUCKING GOTH OKAY????? PPLE SAY HES NOT BUT I KNOW HIM BTR THAN THOSE FUCKING POSERS!!!!!!!! HE IS THE FUCKING KING OF DARKNESS!!! FUCK SATAN!!! I LOVE U OZZY!!!!! DEEPEST LOVE FROM-ASYA WINTER.
I love Ozzy!!!!!

Ozzy is the most awseomest (ozzomest!) rockstar, goth, and freaky misunderstood creature to ever crawl the face of this Earth!!!!!
by Asya Winter September 16, 2007
to be so intoxicated that one takes on the unintelligable speach patterns of Ozzy Osborn.
John: "Hey, how are you doing?"

Ozzy: "Nowg thsa sall goodmn, all gudin her. handred fifydolars."
by Joseph Kahn June 22, 2005
Dude or dudette who mumbles unintelligibly and/or has nothing to say when you can understand him/her
Shannon, Stop being such an Ozzy and shut that canyon you call a mouth. No one wants to hear about your damn cats or your doll collection!
by Donna K. April 29, 2003
Was good in the days of the Masters (Black Sabbath) But then he got abit too high an became shit. There is also a crap show on MTV
The Osbournes is shit, why dont poeple see that? Its awful!

"O I say Jerry, He said fuck"
@HaHa! Oh how funny do the little children think this is"
by Ben August 07, 2003

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