Scouse term for the hospital.
Why you going the ozzy?
by DannyJM January 02, 2008
when drinking at a party 1 person screams OZZY OZZY OZZY then the rest of the party screams back OI OI OI and everyone cheers and you slam the rest of what ever you are drinking

rest of the party: OI OI OI
*slam drink*
*return to your conversation*
by prodrinker09 March 11, 2011
1. One of the Koolest rockers around.
2.The act of bitting an animal that is dead or alive.
1.Ozzy Osbourne is so kool!
2.Wow man he pulled an ozzy!
by Pandora February 10, 2004
Cute, little mister who loves attention and occasionally licking daddys feet. Long and sausage like.
aww here comes Ozzy... ohh ohh wait.. yep hes licking his feet again
by uberkez December 08, 2010
A bar in the Osborne Village of winnipeg which hosts various metal concerts that are attended by drunken asshole jocks and of-age scene kids, Readymix (now big dancing/tiny dancing) which attracts annoying abercrombie-wearing yuppies, and the Black & Blue ball, a BDSM event where fags, old perverts and fat ugly people dress up in lingerie and bondage gear and get tied up and flogged in front of each other. Also notorious for power tripping, dickheaded bouncers and ridiculously high prices for a lousy bottle of domestic beer.
Person 1: Wanna go to Ozzys for some beer?
Person 2: Fuck Ozzy's. The Albert is way better.
by Disgruntled Winnipeger November 06, 2011
(noun) lord, sex god

A noun used to describe (or name) a person of supreme intellect, and all round ability in the field of life.
wow, Darin Shapiro, you are not far off being worthy of the name 'ozzy'
by mr. d'arcy September 02, 2007
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