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1) A cool word that originated when someone couldn't read the word another person meant. Guffawing laughs ensued. The other friends decided to name their to-be cult Ozzlefung.

Now, to freak people out, they go, at random occasions,

"Yeah, not cool enough for Ozzlefung though!" and laugh like idiots.

Permission is given for you to steal it. Please.

"Ozzlefung is the coolest cult. Please join voluntarily. Or we may have to brainwash you."
by Awesomer November 26, 2006 -- An adult blog of intelligent eroticism that features complementary videos & photos of beautiful smut. In other words, if you want a reliable source of daily porn, just lead your browser to
Who needs daily TGP's when we've got hardcore content at Ozzlefung?
by Demetrio December 03, 2006
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