its DUTCH not yiddish, as believed by some unbalanced nojewish people.
Unbalanced child: oy vey is JEWISH.
Validargument kid: Its dutch. everyone knows that.
Unbalanced child: oh yea, youre right, i think ill go change my shoelaces now.
by Safff October 03, 2007
This is a Yiddish phrase... not French like some dumbasses think.
Oy vey, that girl is a slut.
A form and phrase of astonishment for people of Jewish descent. Also refers to excitement of a half price off sale or any other type of discount on useless yet cheap items.Along with excitement to sales and bargains, the term "oy vey!" can also associate with a negative excitement such as an outrageously overpriced item.
Pat:Look guys there's sale at Urban Outfitters!!!
Matt:Pat! Shame on you! Those prices in their are definately outrageous! Oy vey!!!
Mike:Yeah Pat I'm with Matt on this one,oy vey indeed!
by Dago Inc. October 19, 2006
Schwytzer Düütsch (Swiss German) (heard it said in and around the German-speaking parts of Switzerland. Who knows, could be the Jewish influence...): oh no!
(Sitting with a group of friends in the local pub and someone you all don't really want to see walks in): Oy vey! Haascht gesehe' wer reinkommt, Gel?
by JulesNZ July 30, 2006

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