A contradiction in terms. Contrary to what some people will tell you, from Limerick to Florida, it does NOT mean a stupid ox. Derived instead from the Greek words oxy (sharp) and moros (dull).
Examples of oxymorons:

sunny night
military intelligence
compassionate conservative
ethical landlord
honest politician
open-minded altie
Christian Democrat
to appear invisible
deafening silence
friendly fire
charm offensive
civil war
by Fearman December 03, 2007
A person who does so much oxy that they're useless
He was nodding off so much during the interview that they canceled. What an oxymoron!
by THat_Indian_Guy September 14, 2016
1. A combination of a noun and an adjective, where the adjective describes the noun in a way that is contradictory to the attributes commonly associated with the thing that the noun represents.
2. Someone who is a total fucking junky for oxycodone and breaks into your car to steal your hairbrush so they can go pawn it off, only to realize that the pawn shop won't take it. Then they go out and suck dick for five bucks a pop to come up with the money to pay for theirs and their drug dealers dope. Next they become a heroin junky because their mom kicked them out of the house and they have to pay five dollars a month to rent a cardboard box behind the Chinese restaurant which means they have to save some of the money they stole for that, and of course the heroin is more cost effective.
1. Consensual rape is such an oxymoron.
A homophobic lesbian is an oxymoron.
A chaste whore is an oxymoron.
A smart fucktard is an oxymoron.
An honest politician is definitely an oxymoron.
A retarded genius is an oxymoron.
2.Person one: "Oh my fucking GOD! My window is smashed and I only have liability! Thank God there wasn't anything to steal... wait, my fucking hairbrush is gone. Who the fuck breaks into a car to steal a hairbrush? "

Person 2: "Oxymorons"
by thc lover January 22, 2015
Someone too dumb too inhale.
"Paramedic! Ex-president Bush seems to be staggering as he walks, and turning intermittently blue-white."

"That's quite normal, sir. He's an oxymoron."
by Pipe Downn December 09, 2013
There's oxymoron, which is a figure of speech, then there's Oxy-moron, which is a person who abuses oxycontin so much that he's a moron, hence the term OXY-MORON.
Look at that kid, he takes so many oxycontins, HE'S A OXY-MORON.
by Jaysterdamus June 23, 2011
when a chick's nice warm mouth is giving a guy dome with ice in her mouth to create a contradicting sensation in the genital region
Alex: O's that oxymoron felt so good last night
O's: Did your cum freeze when it hit the ice
Alex: No because the warm mouth contradicted the freezing ice thus creating an oxymoron and a great feeling
by The cheating system February 01, 2011
glassy eyed "good for nothings" who are addicted to oxycontin/oxycodone. they spend their days in dive bars, drinking cheap beer and socializing with other oxymorons, talking mostly about how they can get more pills.
oh yeah, Jack's son is an oxymoron, just like his father, he even took a couple in front of everyone at the bar yesterday!
by Draculeen December 10, 2010
A ridiculous comparision. Conjoining contradictory terms.
Example of Oxymoron
Unjust Law
Tax Return
Airline Food
Alone Together
Taped Live
Peace Force
Anarchy Rules
Affordable Housing
by Ashley Elizabeth October 26, 2005
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