Two words in a sentence that contradict each other. Not necessarily opposites, however
Oxymoron examples

Talented Rapper
Holy Crap
AOL high-speed broadband
Holy War
Square Circle
United Arab Emirates
by JCJ August 27, 2006
An idiot with a gas bottle!
That idiot has a gas bottle! That's the first oxymoron I've seen in a long time!
by Ethan February 16, 2005
two words with opposite meanings placed next to each other to mean something new

a combination of contridictory words
I went out to eat with my hoe and she ordered the JUMBO SMRIMP.
by Jess'ca February 21, 2003
a dumb bleached blonde; any Paris Hilton look-alike wannabe; any girl who thinks she need as a boob job and blonde hair
She is thinking of bleaching her hair to look like Paris Hilton: what an oxymoron!
by alex777 August 10, 2007
Two words that contradict themselves.
"Rap music" is not an oxymoron, you hatin' motherfuckers.
by PSP Squirrel #1 June 25, 2006
A complete & total moron who, because of being an imbecile, refuses to oxycute (oxyclean) & so has acute acne on entire face & neck & enjoys popping it in public.
Oh shit, dude! Look at that fuckin' redneck craterface with the pus running down his chin, damn he's an oxymoron.
by sikwill October 23, 2005
The best fucking punk rock band ever
I got the shit kicked out of me at the moshpit at the oxymoron show!
by kendall October 07, 2003

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