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An enormous male penis
Dirk has got a real ox cock
by andyBOB October 04, 2005
A term used to define a male's overused and possibly infected penis in result of having many sexual partners during Oxford University Freshers Week. The sufferer is usually 18-19 in age and will experience some friction burn and light tingling on their penile skin. Ox-cock, though not universally well known, is a common condition. There is no treatment yet found for Ox-cock, however, it has been proved that limiting the sex a sufferer has whilst having Ox-cock can greatly help by calming down the penis' surface. Unfortunately, the pain can be quite extreme for a sufferer, especially when becoming erect, wearing tight trousers or when having sexual intercourse. Pain can also arise from first-party or second-party masturbation. Sufferers will recover quickly, usually dependant on how much they limit their sexual activity. However, there is a long term damage factor: sufferers of Ox-cock will find an increase of sexual partners wanting to use a condom. Whilst this shouldn't be an unfortunate consoquence, Ox-cock sufferers are usually not keen on wearing protection whilst performing intercourse or receiving fellatio, and this is usually the reason why it is caused.
Tom, 19, sufferer of Ox-cock is on his first week of university at Oxford. Cecile 17, is a female friend who has come to visit.

Example 1

Tom: Can you give me a blow job?
Cecile: I would love to, but you've got Ox-cock.

Example 2
Tom is about to have sex with Cecile without a condom.

Cecile: not so fast Tom, get a condom please.
Tom: why?
Cecile: you've got Ox-cock, I don't know what your cock is carrying around!
by corpsexbytch November 14, 2010
a term used to describe a very large penis.
Holy Mackerel! John Holmes sure was an OXENCOCK.
by the wachousay bagouser February 23, 2009