Oral Without (condom)
John and Susie decided to have owo.
#oral #verbal #sex #condom #lol
by lightspeed15 November 10, 2011
Top Definition
Oral WithOut condom. The practise of giving oral sex without the use of a condom, usually by a hooker and resulting in cim.
by antonye June 17, 2003
Another Japanese-inspired emote: used to express shock, surprise, etc. Often used excessively by weaboos on the internet when trying to be cute.

Can be either owo or OwO
Johnny: I really like this girl online but she talks in emotes

Sam: OwO
#weaboo #emote #owo #kawaii #neko #wapanese
by Batbloodx September 25, 2010
Old World Order opposite of NWO or New World Order
The OWO is dying.
by phoster May 14, 2016
Nigerian Language(Yoruba) means money
I have lots of owo
shade loves owo
#nigeria #yoruba #money #naira #dollars
by Samuel Adewumi February 28, 2008
A faggotry internet "emotion". It was started and coined by an Attention Whore, and internet nerd males think it's cool to use it, as if it will get them e-laid by said attention whore.
OMG! Ookie OwO. We can has e-sex now?
#owo #faggotry #rpg maker #ookie #attention whore
by Some chick that hates ookie December 30, 2010
only winged ones. socom fireteam bravo clan
yo owo kicked our ass
#owo #socom #fireteam #bravo #2
by oa2ob October 28, 2007
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