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v. To rape
That Jimmy Nguyen ownz0rd that dumb bitch, but that Joseph Duong couldn't even ownz0r Stephen Lam.
by µå··Å«Å¸ÀÌ°Å March 20, 2003
(v.) 1. To completely own. 2. To completely own at.
"I ownz0r j00! reckanize my talent!"
"I ownz0r this game!"
by Razukin December 01, 2002
The most 1337 bestest web comic evar. www.ownz0r.tk
lololol ownz0r.tk is so 1337 i <3 episode 15 wewt2dat
by Mwerp October 05, 2003
To Own sum noobling pplz!!!1
I OWNERATED your nooblet ass!
by GOWLANDO YA! December 10, 2003
1. to own
2.to be owned
1. dUD3 w3 da ownz0r 10rDs
2. Fuk i hate those ownzOrs :(
by B-Rad July 17, 2004