When you get so drunk you tell a good friend about the time you were crazily in love with an adrogynous looking person who later turned out to be a female. Your drunken confession delves into epiphanies about your latent homosexuality, your past crushes on (and platonic affairs with) older married people and your dabblings in suicidal behavior. Instances of oversharing are often followed by headaches, embarrassment, vulnerability, extensive journaling and/or therapy and (sometimes) long walks alone.
You: "...and that is ultimately what led me to realize that a homosexual romp with a married best friend could be a character building experience instead of a moral transgression. All the emails, and "dates" and trips were obviously leading up to something. It's like the time in college when I took LSD. I was turned on by the risk of it, like riding a rollercoaster without a safety harness. I mean, I sort of knew I would come out OK but I also..."

Your friend: (to him-or her-self) Sheesh! what an oversharer.
by Tim Jerome September 16, 2008
a phrase katie cornish has a mild obsession with saying
"I just had a slice of pizza"
by mandrizzle May 01, 2009
When one gives TMI, or shares information with someone who does not care to listen.
person 1:"Well did you catch a peek of his business?"
person 2:"I caught more than one 'peak'!"
person 1: "overshare!"


person 1: "so how did last night go?"
person 2: "well, it started off slow, but things got better as the night went on. we had a really great dinner. he had the steak. i had the shrimp. then dessert was amazing. we caught a taxi back to my place, and hung out for a while. he made some great coffee. we had a great discussion about the election..."
person 1: "OVERSHARE. ugh."
by hrrussell7177 October 23, 2008

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