One (usually male) with whom sexual relations and liaisons comes with ease. These are the guys who are "hated on" by average frustrated chumps because they don't have to try hard to be successful with women. Simply put, we get laid often and and it's in part due to our charisma, confidence, calm disposition, and/or natural proclivity towards the female circuitry. We do not treat women poorly, nor do we have a strong sense of entitlement... However, we do have the balls and aptitude to intrigue and engage women in relaxed convo which conveys a jocular tone and demonstrates high value. These convos don't come off as a means for trying to get in her pants, but rather that you're simply interested in the female and would like to find out more about her... and then take her to bed. Rock stars, surfers, and politicians are generally quite over sexed due to their access to women who are intrigued by their confident/mysterious persona.

The guy who sat next to you in High School with the laid-back disposition and cool/friendly smile... was most likely over sexed. The dude at the summer time cookout who's wearing the lime green button up Brooks Brothers shirt with the sleeves causually rolled-up, khaki shorts, loafers w/o socks, stylish sunglasses, wind-blown hair (from previous regatta race), and sipping on a G&T with a relaxed posture engaged in a convo... is undoubtedly over sexed. The guy hanging out at a sports bar with his frat boys who are drinking pitchers of coors light, eating chicken wings, giving eachother "tippers", uncomfortable around women, and using pick-up lines to start a convo... is not over sexed. See the difference? The former males are relaxed and don't consider trivial things like convos with gorgeous women to be a big deal. Contrary, the latter males will settle for anyhting they can get, you can smell their desperation at the door, and they make women they're around feel used and uncomfortable.

Which one are you? Be the cool dude who is over sexed... women can sense that these things come easy to you, and view you as a challenge, however end-up falling for your poised/in-control vibe. So, next time a women says to you "You treat women like disposable pleasures, don't you? Sex comes easy to you..." don't even dignify it with a defensive response, because the chances are that she's already attracted to you.

Guys named Whitney, Tyler, Grant, Perry, Trip, Jamie, Johnny, Kelly, Brando, Tommy Lee... are over sexed up to their neck.

Guys named Bob, Gordon, Billy, Pete, Dan, Matt, Dave, Steven, Lorne, Dominic, Allen... are not even remotely over sexed, and are probably creeping out women right now.

Class Dismissed~

1) (Male) Man, those Kennedy brothers were over sexed... just look at all the women they easily had!

2) (Female) Girl, this Buckcherry concert is going to be great. Even though the lead singer is sooo over sexed, let's try to make our way back-stage with him.
by Confidencewillgetyoulaid January 23, 2009
Top Definition
Something that is quite impossible.
No such thing as oversexed.

Keep fucking.
by Hsda November 08, 2006
Someone whom has sex so often that they can no longer finish and is also an egotistical asshole.
Keith is so oversexed
by Keith C with a Z August 15, 2006
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