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Urban dictionary.
The urban dictionary is overrated.
by urbandictionarysuxbigtime January 26, 2013
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When something gets more appreciation than it actually is worthy of.
Jonas Brothers: "Hugs are overrated, just FYI."
by thatgrammarnazi July 19, 2012
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adj: said of a person, work of art, or phenomenon that recieves undeserved credit or popularity.

Note: lately, the word has been abused in popular culture to label something popular that the speaker simply dislikes or has an objection to on principle. Among fans of hip-hop, said speaker is often deemed a hater. In extreme cases, he/she is labeled a punk bitch.

Also note, there is no such thing as "overrated" in indie culture. When the word is uttered in the presence of an indie kid, it is often followed by disembodied moans and howls and said person melting like a snowball in Hell.
Person 1: Ke$ha is overrated.
Person 2: Amen to that.

Person 1: Lana del Rey is so overrated.
Person 2: U jelly?

Person 1: Jay-Z is so overrated.
Hip-hop fan: You betta shut the fuck up, jealous punk bitch hater!

Person 1: Dude, Radiohead is so overrated.
by troll_slayer February 18, 2012
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Something that is over exaggerated as being cool and is actually REALLY annoying and people are fucking tired of hearing about.
the word legit
the hangover
step brothers
modern warfare 2
"sniping" on video games
jersey shore
All this shit is overrated and not cool at all no matter all the hype it's receiving.
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When something is better than it actually is, and people make so much of it, when in reality, it's really not that good.
Man1: DANG, Lebron James is my hero he's so good.
Dude: Hes really not that good man.
Man1: What are you talking about?!?!?!
Dude: Well I think he's overrated
by definitionmaster011 March 28, 2011
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Whoever's shit Adam Gontier was talking about
(Tags only relate to the song)
"Overrated" by Three Days Grace is a kickass song!
by bbtdgfan123 September 24, 2010
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Andre Vantelli (ed) -to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate: I think you overrate their political influence.
To overestimate the merits of; rate too highly.
Andre Vantelli, a legend in his own time.
The Quad is so Andre Vantellied Out, I decided to shop at Adam & Eve instead, because it is less overrated.
by Luicee Babii November 02, 2007
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