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Someone who doesn't live in the 'big city', but ventures downtown to participate in it's bar scene. Leaving whatever small amount of human decency an 'over the bridger' possess on the other side of whichever bridge they must cross to exit their shitty, stinky, tire-fire riddled town, the typical 'over the bridger' will drink too much too early, start several fights (usually because he does not have the social abilities to speak to the opposite sex), pee on a car, vomit up the dollar pizza slice he just ate, fight again (this time with friends), then drive drunk back to whichever small, worthless town he came from only to wake up the next morning hung-over. He will then return to his day job of washing dishes in an attempt to earn enough money to repeat the process the very next weekend.
"It smells like post-teenage alcoholism and confusion. Must be all the over the bridgers on Granville tonight."

"Fuck all these over the bridgers."
by Don Botang July 23, 2007

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